While an average person spends over 6.5+ hours per day on the internet, this gives businesses a valuable opportunity to reach them through the various digital platforms on the internet. One method is to use your website in the search engine result pages. But even if you have a well-designed website that has been thoroughly audited, there will still be industry changes that can affect its search engine result page rank. To help you keep up with such changes, today we are going to discuss various problems that a website can face with SEO.

top 5 SEO challenges in 2023

What are the top 5 SEO challenges in 2023?

1. Artificial intelligence


Almost every industry today is adopting AI in its strategies and offering an advanced solution to its consumers. Though AI can be used in the SEO marketing industry, it is still a work in progress. Even if an AI can provide a valuable solution, it cannot offer opinion-based results. This technology tends to struggle when it comes to answering complex, context-based questions. So we can instead use these for simple content or for the sake of research to get accurate results. It can also be used to detect algorithm changes or errors in your SEO, allowing you to make changes immediately.


2. Improper Schema

Many people tend to manipulate the search engine results page. This includes Schema. What the search engine, Google, is doing now is, it is penalizing any website that uses Schema markup code unnecessarily. Hence, you have to be very careful about where to place this code on your website. To avoid google penalization you can use their structured data testing tool. This tool tests and checks if the structure of the website is well-designed, including the Schema markup code placement.


3. Spammy traffic


Spammy traffic is generally caused by referral spam. If you check your analytics tool, such as Google Analytics, you can see that some visitors visit for less than a second and leave. This is known as spammy traffic. They are usually bots that are sent by webmasters that can cause inaccurate website analytics results and increase a website bounce rate. You can get rid of this problem by either blocking the known bots or blocking the spammy domains individually.


4. Google algorithm changes


Search engines like Google work hard to reduce SE manipulation as webmasters and SEO experts become smarter by the day. To do that, search engines update various algorithms. Some of the well-known Google algorithm updates are the Panda algorithm, PageRank, RankBrain, Penguin, and others. The best solution for this problem is to let the experts deal with it! Hire external services from a digital marketing agency. This way, you can let experts who have years of experience deal with the problems instead.


5. Duplicate content


So far, Google has not imposed any penalties for duplication of content on the website. But it does punish the websites that duplicate content to manipulate search engine page rank. The best thing to do in this case is to use tools where you can just enter your website or content to find and fix duplicate content.

SEO trends and challenges

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