One of the most common misconceptions is that people misunderstand the difference between website design and website development. Though there are a few similarities, there are also quite a few distinct differences. So, let’s take a tour of what these are and find out what the main differences are, along with how they can benefit your business together.

What is web design?

Web design refers to what we see once we open a website. It is the aesthetic and creative part of website that appeals to the visuals rather than the functionality of the website. For example, imagine you are manufacturing a mobile. The first thing you would do is create a draft design or mock-up design of what it would look like. This is later converted into a functioning product at the end. The part where it is designed is exactly the same as the website’s design. Here we design how it looks based on UI/UX and later convert it into a functionable website with the help of web developers.

What is web development?

Once a website’s design is created, the next step is the development phase. Here, the design is converted into a working, functioning website with the help of coding and technology such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. This code is later uploaded to a server to bring life to the website and its design.

Web design VS web development

Difference 1: Web design VS web development

When it comes to website design and website development, the main difference lies in the creative aspect. Consider website design for instance, here we focus more on the user experience, which means that sketching a design that is colorful and aesthetic is essential. But when it comes to website development, as it is all about converting this design to code, there is zero to no creativity involved.

Difference 2: Web design VS web development

When it comes to web design, the main tools are more related to graphics and design, such as Photoshop, and Illustrator. Whereas for writing code, Xampp for Apache server, MySQL database, Node.js, and Laravel are used. Just by seeing the tools, you can guess that website design is more about creativity and aesthetics, and website development is related logic.

Difference 3: Web design VS web development

The differences are as simple as there is zero coding part in web design whereas web development is purely just coding. As the web designer is more focused on the user experience, he will be working on creating the front of the website that is more appealing to the user. This will later be converted into a working website with the help of the web developer.

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