What is digital transformation?

Consumers are no longer the same people they once were. With that, we have seen a substantial change in their demand as well. To meet these demands, many companies have transformed their businesses to digital platforms. Parallel to that, we now see online businesses flourishing more today than ever. So why not take advantage of these incredible digital platforms that are available today? By restricting your business and not adopting this trend, you will be losing a huge audience base that is available online! So, let’s see what Resolute B2B can do for you today to help you reach the said online audience!

digital transformation services

What do our digital transformation services include?

1. Custom app development

Consider you want an app but don’t know how to design it as it has never been done before. That is exactly what our custom app development service is. You imagine, and we deliver! The app can be for a mobile phone or a desktop with features and plugins exclusively designed just for you! Besides customizing for these, we also offer custom app development services with all phone and desktop model compatibility. Visit our website to know more.

2. E-commerce development

Having a single approach to business isn’t cutting it anymore. Especially now that consumers have discovered the benefits of online shopping. That being said, now many businesses are opting for both offline and online commerce. This enables them to drive customers through both channels and increase their profits. Which is why we offer e-commerce development services. We offer custom e-commerce development services that include fast payment gateways, data storage, high privacy, various payment modes, and more that cater to all industries such as B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, and others.

3. Mobile app development

Did you know that people spend over 88% of their phone time on apps? As a business that runs a brand awareness campaign, we know that the first thing you learn is to reach your target audience through every possible means. This way you can easily increase your brand’s visibility and success. One of such ways is with the help of a mobile app. We design and develop mobile app for many reasons including increasing brand awareness, improving user experience, broaden audience range, customer comfort and more. Therefore, having a mobile app that broadcasts your brand is beneficial.

4. CRM & ERP integration

As a business, small or big, you understand that communication and data transfer between the client and business are a major part of the project’s success. This is why digitization with the help of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is important. CRM is generally used to connect a business’s finances with operational systems to a central database, whereas ERP is used to improve communication between the client and the business. So why not integrate ERP software into your business if over 93% of organizations say it helps them succeed?

5. Web design & development

The combined effort of web design and web development is exactly what you need to enhance the UI/UX experience as well as create a website with high functionality. With the fusion of aesthetic designs and logical functionality, we at Resolute B2B offer the best digital transformation services within the industry. Hence, a website needs both website design and website development to thrive in the digital world.

6. Web-to-app conversion

Do you have a website but want to make your product or service more accessible to your audience? The web-to-app conversion service is your answer. This allows your existing website to be converted into a working app that looks exactly like your website. We also offer services that include addition of auxiliary features that allow you to enhance your customer experience without compromising your existing brand persona.

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Here’s how you can get our services for your business’s digital transformation!

Every day we see a new start-up rise, simultaneously increasing the competition in the industry. With the market expected to grow to $1,009.8 billion by 2025, it is very important to focus on starting your digital transformation today. For any assistance during your journey, all you have to do is give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest! Visit our contact page for further details.