Industry experts have conducted various studies where it was found that 50% of smartphone users would rather go through the company’s website than download an app or software. Hence, having a website is essential. But creating a website is a tough task. Every website has two components, one is the invisible part (users’ perspective) – the back end of the website. The website design, on the other hand, is the visible part of the website. To create website that is attractive to the prospects as well as the search engine, here’s what you need to know!

Why should you focus on website design?

A website is an online representation of your business or company. Your company’s reputation builds or breaks depending on your online presence. As reputation is what helps a brand’s sales, growth, and profits. So, it is essential to have a website that attracts leads instead of driving them away. Here’s what you can do as a webmaster to improve your website’s performance and increase your business revenue!

Top 7 website tips every web designer should know!

Website Design Tips

1. Pick the best web hosting server

Find the best host so your website is safe, secure, and not easy to manipulate. Besides this, picking the ideal hosting website also allows you to make changes, store data, backup your website, provide website crash support, have high security, offer mailing services, perform domain linking, and others. Therefore, picking the ideal hosting website that has features that perfectly fit your necessities is essential.

2. Conduct regular audits

Trends and challenges change every single day. Even search engines such as Google make constant algorithm updates that can reduce your website’s traffic. Therefore, by conducting regular audits, including web design audits, SEO audits, and others, you can find, identify, and fix your website’s errors easily.

3. Implement Hicks’ Law

Focus on the viewer’s point of view. Based on Hick’s law, we can say that too much information can cause a delay in the purchase decision. Hence, instead of dumping a huge amount of information on your website which can easily confuse the viewer, you can try to simplify your content and make it easy for the viewer to interpret simultaneously speeding up their sales journey.

4. Increase website speed

Did you know that every additional second of delay reduces a website’s conversion rate by 4.42%? Losing potential clients is a great loss for any business. This is one of the reasons why many webmasters focus on improving their website’s loading speed. Some of the easiest ways to do ensure that doesn’t happen, you can start with optimizing your website’s images. Avoid using extremely high-quality images along with too many graphics and animations for zero delay in the website load speed.

5. Implement a call to action (CTA)

There is only a short time lag after a viewer expresses interest in your product or service. Instead of allowing them to change their minds within a few minutes, you as a business can use call-to-action (CTA) buttons to encourage them to take the next step. This can be anything from contacting you to learning more about your services to a simple newsletter subscription. The key is to keep them going through the sales funnel until they finally commit to your product/service.

6. Maintain consistency on all pages

Don’t just optimize the face of your website! Two things get affected by this, one being the user experience with inconsistent content and format, and the other being the search engine. This will eventually result in a drop in SERP rank, an increase in bounce rate, and other negative effects. Follow the same for the other pages. Even if you are focused on the landing page, where most of the website’s traffic is diverted, it is also essential to maintain consistency throughout the website.

7. Focus on mobile compatibility

A study published in November 2022 states that 49% of website visits are from mobile devices. This number is believed to increase further in the near future. Hence, optimizing your website for mobile compatibility is pertinent to increasing your website traffic. Besides this, you must also focus on the website being compatible with not just mobiles but also various models of phones available in the market today.

Web Design Services in Hyderabad

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