Social media is a platform that harbors millions of people who spend at least 2 hours, and 27 minutes per day on it. This means that it is a huge marketplace to broadcast about your business and its offerings. But you might wonder, how does this correspond to SEO? Though search engines such as Google have stated that social media profiles do not affect a business’s ranking directly, there are social signals that do. These are parameters such as user engagement, quality content, etc, on social media that can be factored into Google’s ranking factor system. So, let us look into various social media strategies that will boost SERP rank.

Top 4 social media strategies

Top 4 social media strategies influence search engine rankings

1.  Power of hashtags & mentions

We all know the value of keywords when it comes to search engine optimization. Similar to this, we have hashtags on social media. By using as good number of relevant hashtags as possible you can easily improve your post’s visibility. But overusing this is an error that has the same effects as keyword stuffing. Alongside these, another factor that boosts your social signals is social mentions. This can be other industry businesses talking about your brand on social media, or you promoting others on your social media.


2. Build a community

If you work in the B2B industry or any industry, you understand the importance of quality relationships in a community. This is not just about building a community relationship with other businesses but also with your audience. One of these methods, as previously stated, is to promote or use mentions as one of the best ways to improve relationships within relationships. You can also increase social media engagement by creating your own community.


3. Promote blogs on social media

Blogs are one of the most effective methods for establishing thought leadership and subject matter expertise. This plays a huge role in ranking your website at the top of search results. Though this includes many other factors within the blog, it will aid in improving your ranking. But how is this related to social media, you wonder? In just the US, 54% of people use social media for work. This means companies that have an interest in similar services you offer can visit your website through social media.


4. Reference site status

Every writer knows the value a reference website holds. It is usually your go-to website that provides all the information you need to learn about a subject or a topic. Its place is equivalent to a dictionary in the everyday world. As a result, becoming a member of this website is extremely valuable. This can be accomplished with regular postings that not only have high-quality content but also great visuals.

Top 4 social media strategies influence SERP

At the end of the day, the purpose of creating social media for a business is to increase your online audience base. By using the above methods, you can easily improve your website’s SERP rank, which will directly improve your business’s growth. If you think this is too much work, then we’ve got your back! Contact Resolute B2B to satisfy all your transformation & marketing needs. We offer everything from SEO services to web development, social media management services, among many others. Visit our website to know more.